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Best Ways to Teach Values to Your Children

Raising a well-mannered child is on top of the list of every parent?s goal because a child?s manners and values are the gauge that measures their parenting skills.


You can access CareLine using any of the channels available to you. We will be more than happy to answer your child care related questions.

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Don't Try to Fix Everything

As mothers it is only natural for us to try and do everything we can for our house hold, from daily chores to managing the kids and much more, we try our best to multitask and get everything done yet there are simply some things we cannot accomplish or will end up doing over again the following day.

Beyond the Books ? Other Activities that can Improve your Child?s Knowledge

Every child is bright on his own. Their intelligence and skills vary.

Easy Ways to Get Your Child to Behave and Want To

It is important that you make your child feel that you are on the same team. Most kids will behave in a manner that will make you proud, and you should show them that you take note of these. When you see your child behaving the way you want, you should also analyze if that?s the way he wants to behave too. His behaviour should not be something forced?it should come from within.

Can you really control the sex of your baby?

When a couple finally decides to have a baby, the first question asked is: what gender do you want?

Checking Your Kids? Snacks & Drinks

Nutritionists believe that snacking has a large part to play in the growing problem of childhood obesity, and that is exactly why we need to be careful about the high-calorie snacks and sugary drinks our kids drop on the our grocery carts on trips to the supermarket.

Effects of Social Media on Kids

The internet has become more than an extension of the real world; instead it?s a separate and relatively new world where everyone, including kids, is starting to live in. It?s a world with YouTube, 9gag, Twitter, and, of course, the crowd favorite, Facebook. These sites that provide kids with unlimited entertainment, making them spend more and more time online, is becoming a main concern for parents. But, what effects do social media have on kids?

Creating a Play Space at Home

As a mom, you see to it that everything inside the house or the house in general is always organized, neat, and clean.

Encouraging Kids to Try New Things

It can be tough for parents to come up with ideas to help their child navigate through the day with confidence, joy, and excitement. After all, not all kids are innately willing to throw themselves to everything ? some of them are more hesitant to try out new things.

Enjoy a Technology Free Day

In this day and age, technology is slowly becoming a necessity. Everyone is expected to have a television, a cellphone, and a computer. If you?re not online you?re easily left out. Being stuck at home now means surfing the net, watching television series or playing games, and not traditional board games, but apps on smartphones or tablets.


WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months of age. Wyeth Nutrition fully supports this and continued breastfeeding, along with the introduction of complementary foods as advised by your doctor or health authority.