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Don't Try to Fix Everything

As mothers it is only natural for us to try and do everything we can for our house hold, from daily chores to managing the kids and much more, we try our best to multitask and get everything done yet there are simply some things we cannot accomplish or will end up doing over again the following day. Having a career while doing your best to be a mother can be a very vicious cycle where stress and a daily rut can affect wellbeing and the enjoyment of life.

Even fulltime moms as much as they spend almost all their time at home with their kids also face the same situation, there is usually not enough time to get everything done, moreover done well.

While it is likely that you are expected to take care of everything in the household, from cleaning, doing groceries, to taking care of the kids and sometimes your husband, it is likely that the expectations are high. However this doesn’t mean you have to be a mom/maid/cook/supermodel and please do not think for one second that the parent who can't take on all these extra roles is somehow failing. Knowing when and what to do yourself, while also acknowledging that you need help will come a long way in managing these expectations and getting it done properly, while also having some time for yourself.

Here are a few tips on how you can lighten the load and your mind in your daily grind:

  • Give yourself some credit - Of course, try and do the best you can, there will be days you do get it all done, which is an amazing feeling. But don't let it make you feel bad for the days you can't get it all done.
  • Split the parenting – You and your husband have jobs to do during work hours. Your husband will be at the office, and your can either be at home or at an office as well. After work hours, you have to split the parenting and everything that came with it. Parenting as it is, is still a team effort.
  • Getting professionals or experts to do it for you – While trying to do and fix everything may seem to be a way of saving money, however, there are still some jobs better left to a professional. Not only will they do a much better job at it but it will also save you time and effort, which would be money worth spent.
  • Have some cheat days – Too tired to cook, then eat out or order for a delivery, want to get some rest while watching the kids, turn it into movie time with them. There are many ways that you can go out and break your routine while still getting the job done, however remember to exercise moderation as these so called “cheats” should not become the routine.



What is your parenting style?

You feel best as a mom or parent if you are able to (Choose 1):

Be there for important milestones like collecting her drawings from class or creating a photo book of her first trip to the zoo.

See your child being the top of her class and constantly receiving citations in school.

Monitor your child's progress and make sure that she develops according to her age.

Make sure that your child always stays healthy and seldom gets sick or hurt.

Make the most out of your bonding time with your child.

Give your child the most fun experience she can have while growing up.

Please choose your answer.

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