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Creative Family Bonding Ideas

For busy parents, finding quality time to be with your kids and the entire family can be a very big challenge. However, the best way to save time, money and get some good family bonding is at the confines of your own home.

Staying home for family bonding doesn’t have to dull or unproductive. There are many activities that you can share with the family, much more you can turn even the simplest and most common of activities into so healthy family bonding.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Cooking and Eating – Dress the kids up as chefs and make preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner at home fun. Have a cook off and no matter how messy it get, just go along with what the kids are doing and have the food served just how it would be in a restaurant or a cooking show. To make things more special, bring out seldom used utensils and plates to make it a more memorable experience.


  • A Scavenger Hunt – Try organizing a scavenger hunt for the kids, it may take time to organize it but it will surely give you and your kids’ lots of bonding time and fun. Prepare some maps and place some clues to follow, and prizes to win. Make things more challenging, by providing various tasks or riddles that they have to answer before they get a new set of clues or prizes.


  • Create Home Videos – Creating home videos just got easier with the emergence of technology such as camera phones and more portable video cameras. So why not take advantage of these technologies and capture precious family bonding moments by creating your own home videos. You can start with creating your own fantasy movies using items in the house as your props and costumes. The great part about this is that you can schedule the movie’s view as another family bonding moment.


  • Board Games – There is nothing better that playing some board games for some great family bonding and healthy family competition. As rise of technology and gadgets have been before us, board games have become a thing of the past. But, resurrecting them and sharing the experience with your kids can become a very fun and productive bonding time at home.


With these family bonding activities, your family is sure to have a blast at even at home. This will provide you an opportunity to save time and concentrate more on having fun and bonding with the entire family.



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