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Become a Responsible Citizen

Responsible citizenship contributes to the greater good by performing your duties and actively participating to benefit the community, it starts with the knowledge about public policies, voting in public elections, and even the smallest things like simply obeying the laws and regulations set forth in your community.

Be it in your family, office, barangay, church, city or country, there are certain duties, responsibilities and rules that one needs to follow and adhere to,  and it is how we act on these which determines our values and principles of being a responsible citizen.

Parents are the children's first and most influential teachers of civic values and principles. Lessons learned at home about community duty, participation and service are likely to set the tone for later learning about becoming a responsible citizen.

You can help your children learn more about becoming responsible citizen by leading the way and becoming one yourself and setting a good example. Below are some ways that can help you become a good and responsible citizen and become the yardstick for your entire family, especially the kids.

  • Show Compassion – show care to others such as helping out those in need be it your extended family, neighbors and the people you interact with on a regular basis. Simply opening doors for others and giving up a seta to a person more in need is a great step


  • Encourage honestly and fairness – While it is always tempting to get the easy way out, always remember to reflect if it will be honest and fair to everyone involved. You wouldn’t want to set an example by cutting lines at a grocery store or fast food joint and blatantly lying about it. 


  • Practice Self-discipline – Laws and rules are put into place not only to help put things to order, but are also there to protect the citizens from harm. So, the next time you come across a red light at a crossing, stay disciplined and stop even if there are no other cars and even if no one is looking.


  • Participate in the community – Show interest and participate in civic and community activities by signing up the entire family. You can also use this to double as family bonding time as well. 


As individuals we all have the need to improve and become more habituated to our civic responsibilities and duties as part of a functioning community. Furthermore, as parents we must become more attuned to these responsibilities to set a standard to influence and reinforce the desire of our children to fulfill their duties and become more responsible citizens.



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What is your parenting style?

Your child woke up with a fever. What is the first thing that you would do (Choose 1)?

Provide him with the paracetamol already prescribed by the doctor during his last illness and let him sleep first.

Consult with your pediatrician on what is the best medicine you should give your child so that he can get better in time for class tomorrow.

Pick up your handy childcare book and look up on possible remedies.

Immediately bring him to the ER to take a dengue kit just to be sure.

Take her temperature and make sure she gets a sponge bath every so often.

Monitor his condition because it just might be because of the weather or a growth spurt.

Please choose your answer.

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