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Become a good role model

As parents we are the primary influence for our children’s values, behaviors and actions. Whether we like it or not we become instant role models the moment our children come into our lives, we become their first role models and thus our own actions and behaviors will become the very foundation on how they will act and interact the world and people around them.

With the responsibilities and duties as our children’s primary influence, we must always remember one thing, and that is to practice what you preach. The main reason instilling good values and principles to kids fail is because they are often told one thing but observe another, which may cause conflict in their psyches but as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words” and take the action with more weight than what is told to them.

While nobody expects a parent to be perfect, but we have to watch our actions especially in raising our children. Our kids need and will find a role model, and what better than to become the first ones they ever have, the first ones they will learn from and the first ones they will look up to and imitate.

As a parent it is our responsibility to lead by example, showing the kind of behavior that we want our kids to embrace. Becoming a role model, of course, often means taking a close, honest look at how you live your own life.

While taking a look and assessing how you live your life can be uncomfortable with pride getting in the way. Remember, it is absolutely necessary for the well-being of your child.

  • Now, if you are ready to make the necessary changes and step up for your child, here are some ways you can lead by example and become a role model.


  • Always be your best- When it comes to your kids, being a role-model is everything. Your will children pay attention to everything you say and do, heck they will even imitate what you wear and your words and actions. Keep in mind how easily they are influenced at their age.


  • Take good care of yourself- Being at your best starts with taking good care of your physical wellbeing, which means getting enough sleep, doing some exercise, eating the right food and finding positivity in the things that you do. Letting yourself go by always putting the needs of other people first is not a good move. That's not the kind of mentality you want for your kid, so avoid doing it.


  • Be dependable. Become dependable and not let people down, be it friends, relatives or co-workers, you want your kid to see you with a positive light among your peers and see that you are dependable. This also means keeping your promises to you kid, if you promised them a reward for finishing their homework then you better make good on it.


  • Be loyal- True loyalty now difficult to come by in this new fast paced world where everything can change at the touch of a button. Show your child what true loyalty is, either by showing up to help a friend in a time of need, or sticking with a local business owner who has served your family for so long, instead of immediately heading to that new big shopping mall.


  • Be attentive- As our children get older, they will push for their independence which is common. But as a parent, your job isn't to be a "cool friend" that lets them do whatever, but your job is to be a parent. Which means being attentive to what is happening in their lives and looking out for them, no matter if it completely annoys them.


  • Own up when you've done something wrong- Don't make excuses when you do something wrong. Take responsibility and admit that you did something unacceptable and offer solutions or ways on how you can make it right. It's good for your child to see examples of grown-ups taking responsibility and knowing as well as enforcing the consequences for their actions.


  • Enforce consequences when your kid does something wrong- Many parents are hesitant to enforce consequences when their child breaks a rule, but consistency is very important. When your child does something unacceptable, you must implement an appropriate consequence and explain to them why this is so. This is not to punish them but rather to teach a lesson or value.


  • Go and get moving- The habits that children learn and form at an early age will usually stick with them as they grow older. Since habits either good or bad are tough to break, one of the best things you can do for your child, is to model good behavior which positively will shape them as they grow older.



What is your parenting style?

Your child comes home from school with a star on his hand because he was able to write down his nickname without any guidance from the teacher. How does this make you feel (Choose 1)?

Confident that you were able to teach him at home without much external support.

Proud that your child can now progress to writing his complete name soon.

Happy that the writing techniques you learned online and taught your child worked.

Relieved that your child was able to do the task without much effort.

Reassured that your child is able to start writing his own name at his current age.

Excited to take your child to the toy store to get his reward for a good job.

Please choose your answer.

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