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8 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Parents

From management of household chores, to grocery shopping lists, to staying on top kids' schoolwork, these apps are sure to help parents.


Cozi (Free) for organizing family tasks

Available on iOS and Android

Cozi is an app to help household heads keep family tasks in order. One key feature of the app is the shared calendar where family members can schedule their individual activities. It also incorporates to-do lists and a group journal to document important family events, such as holidays.



AnyList (Free) for grocery and shopping lists

Available on iOS only

AnyList is the best app for creating grocery and shopping lists. One of the best features of the app is that it lets you save recipes (by entering your own or copying and pasting from another source) and even organize these recipes by occasion or any collection you want. It also lets you share lists to other users, i.e. your spouse, and changes show up on everyone’s devices instantly. If you’re using an Android device, try the similar and widely popular shopping list app, Out of Milk!


Happy Kids Timer (Free) for establishing kids’ morning routines

Available on iOS and Android

Morning routines with children can take forever. This is where Happy Kids Timer come in. It can help your young ones establish a morning routine—from brushing their teeth to making their bed—without your direct supervision. With adorable animations and music, you can get the kids motivated and everyone out of the house on time.


Keepy (Free) for organizing children’s artwork

Available on iOS and Android

Running out of space on the fridge to display your kids’ artworks' Don’t feel guilty about throwing them away! Keepy can help you organize and turn your kids’ artwork, schoolwork, photos, videos, and mementos into photobooks. Save your kids' memories on this app and you'll have an interactive family scrapbook to cherish!


ChoreMonster (Free) for management of kids’ household chores

Available on iOS and Android

ChoreMonster is an easy-to-use tool to motivate 4-12 year olds to do their household chores! Kids earn points by completing chores and earning rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or a family camping trip. Parents manage their children's chores and the rewards they can earn.


iStudiez Pro ($0.99) for managing kids’ schoolwork

Available on iOS only

Staying on top of your child’s schoolwork can be a challenge. While iStudiez Pro is designed for a student’s use, it also comes in handy for parents of young kids who need smart notifications of classes and homework.


Glow (Free) for tracking ovulation and fertility

Available on iOS and Android

Whether you are avoiding pregnancy or trying to conceive your second child, Glow is an excellent ovulation and fertility tracking app that can help you do both.


My Pregnancy & Baby Today (Free) for pregnancy and newborn tracking

Available on iOS and Android

My Pregnancy & Baby Today is the best resource for pregnant women and parents of newborns. It’s packed with features such as week-by-week pregnancy tips and trackers, a bumpie photo-diary, checklists, and more. Once you deliver, it switches to daily parenting guidance to support you through your baby's first year.

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I want him to grow up healthy, normal and not sickly.

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