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7 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Kids like food that looks good, and at some point, healthy foods don’t look good. So how will you have a win-win situation between you and your child that they get to see a very enticing and yummy lunch and at the same time you get to make them eat a healthy meal?
Here are some healthy school lunch ideas that you can try.
Healthy Pizza
You’ve got to be asking if this one is serious. As a matter of fact, yes, it is. You might think that pizza are the ones that comes out of the oven with so many oil fats, too much salt, too much seasoning, etc. But I’m talking about an entirely different pizza; a pizza that has healthy ingredients that you have personally picked. The crust can be whole-wheat, fresh tomato sauce, chicken strips, veggies and melted cheese. Would your kid say no to this?
Healthy Burgers
For this very common meal, I bet your kid wouldn’t think twice to eat this. You can make the patty yourself (ground turkey, chicken, etc), whole wheat buns, add on veggies and also create your own burger sauce. Just make sure to not use too much processed condiments for the sauce, it will defeat the purpose of a healthy lunch.
Veggie Quesadillas
You can actually enjoy this snack as well. Whole wheat quesadillas, veggies and cheese, small portion of chicken strips, make your own recipe for salsa!
Tomato Pasta
The name of the recipe says it all, though you would use fresh tomatoes for the sauce, whole wheat pasta and chicken chunks that are mostly from the breast part. Add basil if you want and voila! Tomato based pasta with chicken! You can also substitute salmon if you want.
Meat-Free Mushroom Bolognese
Just use whole grain pasta with this one, pump up the mushrooms, crushed fresh tomatoes, enhance flavor by adding slices of onions, bits of salt and pepper and top on with basil.
Baked potatoes
Instead of going for the usual french fries, you can substitute this with a much more superb tasting potato. Just bake your potato with butter then add a bit of sugar on top. You can also add small amount of salt to have that sweet and salty taste.
Barbecued Chicken Burrito
You can make your own burrito wrap or you can buy one straight from the store. With this special burrito, you would put roasted/barbecued chicken, stripped lettuce, long cuts of tomatoes, and top it with your special barbecue sauce.

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