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6 Simple Ways to Keep the Family Happy

Cuddling, cooking meals together, and having a good laugh — these are just some of the ingredients of a happy family. Try these simple ideas to keep a spirit of joy and life inside your home.

Be affectionate

Touch and physical affection are important in building family bonds and creating an atmosphere of happiness. A quick hug or a peck on the cheek of your kids will always go a long way, and your kids seeing you being affectionate towards your spouse will give them a sense of security in their parents’ relationship.

Cook together

Cooking is a daily activity that poses a great opportunity to keep your family happy. You get a chance to teach them how to cook, measure ingredients, and even pass on healthy eating habits. Of course, the eating together part should come afterwards, too!

Reward good behavior

We often take notice of our children’s bad behavior and we discipline them for it, but do we reward them enough for good behavior? Rewards will help keep things harmoniously inside the house. It helps you highlight the positive traits and behavior of your kids instead of the negative. You’ll be surprised at how much children can value rewards big or small — from a new toy, to sweet treats, to later bedtimes — when these are attributed to their good behavior.

Read together

Studies have long shown that children who read at home perform better in school — and when kids have good grades, they feel happy and so do you. Read to your kids if they can’t read yet, and encourage them to read on their own when they are already able to do so.

Play games together

Whether it’s a game of Scrabble or UNO cards, playing together as a family helps the little ones enjoy your presence. It may even prove to be useful to bring small card games when you’re eating out so that you can keep the kids busy (and happy) while waiting for the food.

Laugh a lot

All families experience difficult times and tension, but the happiest and healthiest ones know that humor is the best way to defuse it. Laughing and seeing other people laugh are very helpful in relieving stress, especially when it’s people you love. Keep a family-friendly book of jokes or download an app that works the same way and read a some out to the family over dinner.




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