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4 Playful Parenting Tips

There are no certain instructions for a perfect parenting strategy. It’s a matter of exploration and discovery, weighing options and choosing wisely. Any parent can probably attest that raising a child is never an easy task. It’s an everyday responsibility that is filled with life-changing experiences for both the parent and child.
One of the most challenging aspects of parenting that many encounter is the ability to transform common and traditional strategies into something fresh, interesting and enjoyable for the child. There is no definite guide for this but here are some tips that may help you:
Observe your child’s preferences
Knowledge about your child is the fundamental key to having a healthy relationship with them. Take note of your child’s preferences from songs, toys, TV shows, down to their favorite drink, candies, and even food dips. Use these as your tool in creating fun games and activities for them.
Break your routine
To give your child a fresh learning experience, break your usual routine of staying indoors or playing at the park by going somewhere new. Take your child to a place where they have never been before. Pick a place where you think your child will be interested based on his preferences. Take a walk in a nearby zoo, visit a museum or teach a fun new game outdoors.
Keep in mind that you can break and reformat your routines with new interests at times but make sure that the same parenting discipline and principle in these activities are applied.
Use story books or TV shows in teaching virtues
Teaching something that is not tangible or visible enough for a child can be daunting. Books and good TV shows present a number of “teachable moments” wherein parents can seize the opportunity to convert an abstract concept into a tangible one by use of the material’s characters and events.
Teach an abstract concept like “respect” through an episode of a TV show your child likes to watch. Point out the things that you want your child to understand. Emphasize the value by reacting and letting your child see which of the acts are “nice” and “not nice” and which ones are “good” and “bad.” Using this kind of channel allows parents to communicate easier and intensifies the power of retention because children can relate themselves to the material easily.
Play with your child
It is one thing to create fun games and activities for your child, but joining them is another. Kids love playing but they love it even more when they play with you. Playing with new games and activities with your child allows you to guide them better in learning new things and most of all, strengthens your bond with them.  It is a great way to make your child feel more special and loved. Go ahead, relax, enjoy and release your inner child with them!

What is your parenting style?

Your child woke up with a fever. What is the first thing that you would do (Choose 1)?

Provide him with the paracetamol already prescribed by the doctor during his last illness and let him sleep first.

Consult with your pediatrician on what is the best medicine you should give your child so that he can get better in time for class tomorrow.

Pick up your handy childcare book and look up on possible remedies.

Immediately bring him to the ER to take a dengue kit just to be sure.

Take her temperature and make sure she gets a sponge bath every so often.

Monitor his condition because it just might be because of the weather or a growth spurt.

Please choose your answer.

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