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11 Free Apps for Creative and Artsy Kids

Today, there are excellent apps designed to stimulate kids’ creativity without breaking the bank. Here’s a roundup of 11 free apps for creative and artsy kids.


1. PicsArt for Kids

Available on iOS and Android

Coloring and drawing are two of kids’ favorite things to do—and now they can with an app like PicsArt for Kids! The app lets kids draw on a blank canvas or over a variety of kid-friendly scenes such as dinosaurs and princesses.


2. Mash Monsters

Available on iOS only

Mash Monsters has monsters and mashing, but it’s not scary in any way. It is an adorable app that lets kids get creative by drawing a cute monster in three parts and then mash those parts together to see the final result.


3. Coosi Box

Available on iOS and Android

Coosi Box is a digital artbox that allows kids to create pictures and turn them into fun animations. There’s a sharing ability that lets you and your child get support and support the artwork of kids all over the world.


4. Drawnimal

Available on iOS only

Drawnimal is an interesting app that encourages children to draw around the device (iPhone or iPad) using an actual piece of paper. This stimulates thinking outside the box by leaving the digital screen with a simple interaction.


5. Color & Draw for Kids

Available on Android only

Color & Draw for Kids offers dozens of brushes, colors, and canvases that make this app dozens more entertaining than a physical coloring book! Kids can draw pictures themselves, draw over existing photos, and practice writing with a virtual lined paper.


6. Toca Tailor Fairy Tales

Available on iOS only

Toca Tailor Fairy Tales is a virtual paper doll game! In the app, kids can create, combine, and style outfits for characters using different clothing designs, then tailor them by adjusting hems and lengthening sleeves.


7. Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch

Available on iPad only

With the Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch, kids take on the role of the Night Zookeeper and creative drawing missions to look after thousands of magical animals and defeat the monsters attacking the zoo.


8. MarcoPolo Weather

Available on iOS and Android

Using MarcoPolo Weather, kids control weather conditions and see how avatars react. They can clothe and accessorize them and add flowers, a tent, an igloo, and more. It’s also educational, as it features cause-and-effect science.


9. Doc McStuffins Color and Play

Available on iOS and Android

The app lets young ones decorate the checkup room for Doc McStuffins. Featuring the same voice actors and animation kids love from Disney show, the game is sure to stimulate kids’ creativity and help them develop design skills.


10. Toontastic

Available on iPad only

Toontastic lets kids create cartoons very easily. It’s also a brilliant teaching tool, as it explains the essential parts of storytelling, such as characters, setting, plot, etc.


11. Superhero Comic Book Maker

Available on iOS and Android

Superhero Comic Book Maker is a kid-friendly app that leaves the creation to children. With an intuitive design, even tots can create objects, scenes, characters, and more to make their own comic book.

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